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Engaging the Body in Psychotherapy: A Contemporary Bioenergetic Approach

Dates: Available Now

Online course offered through the Academy of Therapy Wisdom

Featuring bioenergetic therapists and trainers:
Laurie Ure, LICSW, Vincentia Schroeter, Ph.D., & Robert Coffman, Ph.D.

he course includes five prerecorded modules covering the basic theory of bioenergetic analysis:

  • overview of the history,
  • how it differs from other body-based approaches,
  • demonstrations of basic techniques, and
  • overview of character structure.

It also includes five modules recorded on Zoom going into greater depth on these topics, and three sessions of practice with the techniques.

In addition, the course offers twelve “bonus tracks” with rich interviews of

  • David Berceli, PhD,
  • Robert Hilton, PhD,
  • Brazilian bioenergetic therapists Maria Cristina Francisco, PhD, and
  • Jayme Panerai Alves, CRP,
  • scientist Dr. Martin Picard, and
  • author Jeff Brown.

Additional bonus tracks by Vin, Bob, and Laurie as follows:

  • touch in bioenergetic therapy,
  • a bioenergetic demonstration on addressing shame,
  • polyvagal theory & bioenergetics, and
  • a discussion of the role of catharsis in bioenergetic therapy.

Use this link to get a discount off the full price of $995 to $647: